What is needed for success in Afghanistan?

CNN.com asked five people — either Afghans or Afghanistan experts — to explain what they think is the most important thing needed for a successful Afghanistan, not only about the current war, but long-term stability and future of Afghanistan. Here is what i told them:

Afghanistan is a war-ravaged country that has gone through three decades of crisis and chaos.

For all those years, governance has been nonexistent. There has also been a lack of socioeconomic structures. So Afghanistan cannot become a model society overnight.

Of course, peace and security are the utmost requirement to Afghanistan’s future success, but there are other major factors to consider.

We have not had a stable political system for the entire history of Afghanistan. We have never had a peaceful transition to power, just bloody coups and assassinations. During our entire history, the strongest rulers in Kabul have never had control over all parts of Afghanistan.

We need a viable alternative, decentralized power and a continued movement toward a democratic system that assures long-term political stability in the country.

Only a stable and democratic system can ensure good governance and socioeconomic development, which is the remedy for most of Afghanistan’s problems. Religious fanaticism, a root cause of militant extremism, is a product of ignorance and illiteracy. It can be fought through education.

Read the full report here at CNN.com


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