Wikileaks Afghanistan

The Guardian newspaper has published the Wikileaks cables on Afghanistan. Here i am organizing all Afghanistan-related US Embassy cables on one page.

Iran in Afghanistan

Karzai Insider on How US Could ‘Open the Door’ to Iran

Iranian Influence at Afghanistan Parliament

Iran Busy Trying to Undermine the US in Afghanistan

US in Afghanistan

We are not just another imperialist force in Afghanistan (Ambassador Eikenberry)

US complains about Karzai’s release of prisoners

Germany Protests US military docking millions from Afghan Army fund

Clinton says Afghanistan troops changes are not withdrawal

Obama’s troops reduction were a military recommendation

Karzai and McCain Discuss Progress and Elections in Afghanistan

Afghan Govt. asks US to quash ‘dancing boys’ scandal

UK in Afghanistan

Hamid Karzai Criticizes UK Military

Karzai Questions UK Effectiveness

Helmand Governor Criticizes UK Military Strategy

UK Military Want to Leave Sangin Because of Lack of Popular Support

UK ‘not up to task’ of Securing Helmand, says US

NATO commander criticizes British anti-drug strategy

Gordon Brown urges Karzai not to replace Helmand Governor

Miliband asks Karzai to reassure British public about the Afghan ‘project’

Allies’ praise for Helmand Governor


US Doubts over Afghan Reintegration Plan

Moderate Taliban Distance themselves from Regime

Former Taliban say peace is now only option for Afghanistan

Karzai’s brother on preliminary Taliban peace talks

Deradicalisation programme would undercut the Taliban

No power-sharing with Taliban, Holbrooke pledges


Hamid Karzai on the Taliban, Iran and drugs in Afghanistan

Karzai feared US intended to unseat him and weaken Afghanistan

Afghan Finance Minister calls Karzai an ‘extremely weak man’ (Finance Minister Zakhilwal)

Kazakh President’s concerns over ‘weak’ Karzai

Karzai asks Defence Minister: ‘can you manage without the US?’

President Karzai’s half-brother is ‘kingpin of Kandahar’

Canadian Ambassador expresses serious doubts about Karzai

Karzai’s attempt to appoint known warlord and criminal (Akhunzada)

Hamid Karzai Threatens a ‘tribal solution’ in Helmand


Money Smuggling Out of Afghanistan (Vice President Massoud with $52m cash in Dubai)

Corrupt Governor in Eastern Afghanistan (Governor of Paktia)

Ghazni Governor Accused of Widespread Corruption


Holbrooke meeting with Kai Aide

Karzai accuses US of funding Abdullah Abdullah


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