About the Peace Council

The Peace Council had its first behind-the-doors session last week. After being appointed as its  Chairman, former Presiden Burhanuddin Rabbani has said ‘compromise’ will be considered in the talks with Taliban. But the question is, how independent will this council be? President Karzai has said the council will be independent in setting out future guideline for the talks with Taliban. Does it mean the council will directly involve in the process of talks, or just an advisory body? If the President is really serious with his tears, then the mechanism of this council should be a serious working body, not a mere symbolic move to cover the back door channel bargaining with insurgents for President Karzai’s mysterious ambitions about a post-American withdrawal Afghanistan. The independence of the council was visible when the President ‘appointed’ Burhanuddin Rabbani as the head of the council.  Why didn’t the council members elect their head, that the President appoints?

Initially it was a 70-member council, but the list circling around with names of all members, include only 68 people. There are many Ustads, Maulvis, Hajis, Pirs, Syeds and Sheikhs, but two prominent names lack the list. They are, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, former rival of President Karzai in elections and key opposition leader, and Dr. Ramazan Bashardost, another former rival, and the one who talked of the talks with Taliban during his Presidential elections campaign, and visited provinces of Taliban-stronghold areas.

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, and his Coalition for Change and Hope has  said the council is illegitimate. Though he has been echoing the same voice of talks with Taliban, but with some preconditions, which President Karzai thinks should not be there before talks.

For Dr. Ramazan Bashardost, I guess even if asked, he would not join such a council. He is a very staunch critic of the so-called warlords, and majority members of the council are warlords and human rights violators according to Bashardost, whom he would never work with.  He was one of the prominent proponents of talks with Taliban during his Presidential campaign. He travelled many troubled parts of the country, where no other Presidential candidate went for campaign, and was not harmed. He has not commented about the council in media.

When the council was announced, the first editorial reaction in Western media, as usual, was an outcry about the warlords in the council. It has been a war of warlords, and now the same warlords must put an end to it. It does not make a sense when you support talks with Taliban—who don’t give a shit to women rights, poison schoolgirls, blow up mosques and kill innocent civilians—and then outcry about warlords in the council.

Seeing the list of Peace Council members, few are prominent names, while many symbolic filling in the blanks. The list right now includes only 68 names. There are only 8 women in the council. They were one of the worst victims of Taliban atrocities. Below are the names…

  • Sibghatullah Mujadadi
  • Burhanuddin Rabbani
  • Pir Syed Ahmad Gilani
  • Sheikh Asif Mohsini,
  • Rasool Sayaf
  • Haji Muhammad Muhaqiq
  • Syed Noorullah Sadat
  • Syed Mansoor Nadiri
  • Suleman Yari
  • Ismail Khan
  • Farooq Wardak
  • Naimatullah Shahrani
  • Arsala Rahmani
  • Maulvi Pir Muhammad Rohani
  • Haji Naeem Kuchi
  • Haji Din Muhammad
  • Mullah Taj Muhammad Mujahid
  • Maulvi Muhammad Shah Adil,
  • Haji Fazal Karim Aimaq
  • Maulvi Qiamuddin Kashaf
  • Maulvi Muhiuddin Baloch
  • Maulvi Shafi Ullah
  • Arif Khan Noorzai
  • Saranwall Mehmood Daqiq
  • Ata Khan Ludin
  • Wakil Anwar Khan Ishaqzai
  • Maulvi Abdul Hakim Mujahid
  • Asadullah Wafa
  • Maulvi Khudadad
  • Qazi Muhammad Amin Waqad
  • Habibullah Fauzi
  • Ustad Muhammad Akbari
  • Abdul Hadi Arghandiwall
  • Maulvi Shahzada Shahid,
  • Muhammad Ismail Qasimyar
  • Amir Muhammad Agha
  • Faqir Muhammad Khan
  • Muhammad Yousaf Waezi
  • Abdul Ghani Khan Tokhi
  • Senator Sher Muhammad Akhondzada
  • Haji Amanullah Tamanzai
  • Rais Abdul Wahid Baghrani
  • Khalifa Qazal Ayaq
  • Maulvi Qalamuddin
  • Eng. Ibrahim Spinzada
  • Haji Musa Khan Hottak
  • Maulvi Salikzada
  • Sarah Sukhabi
  • Jamila Hameedi
  • Hawa Alam Nooristani
  • Najia Rewri
  • Sadiqa Balkhi
  • Gulhar Jalal
  • Doctor Gulalai Noor Safi
  • Qamar Khosti
  • Abdul Hamid Mubariz
  • Sidiq Ahmad Usmani
  • Modoodi
  • Aminullah Muzafari
  • Syed Muhammad Amin Tariq
  • Wakil Baz Muhammad Khan Zurmati
  • Abdul Khaliq Hussaini
  • Haji Muhammad Dawood Zahidyar
  • Muhammad Hashim Folad
  • Maulvi Jora
  • Haji Shirin Khan Noorzai
  • Haji Fazal Karim Fazal
  • Hassan Takhari




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