Extremism and Westernophobia!

The violent protest demonstrations across Afghanistan and Pakistan against the Burn Quran day of Pastor Terry Jones is still continued. In Afghanistan it has already cost lives of many protesters. People in our part of the world are very reactionary.

For instance protesters in Kabul were saying,

We know this is not just the decision of a church. It is the decision of the president and the entire United States.

They were chanting slogans calling for President Obama’s death. It is extreme ignorance and reactionary psyche of this society. President Obama had nothing to do with the Burn Quran call of a nutty, stupid pastor in a church in a far corner of the US. Such a reaction was expected from a society with deep radical conservative nature.

The characteristics of freedom in America makes things complex sometimes. Even Nazis can form a political platform there. But on the other hand, America is the only country where leading media outlets condemn the decision of ban on Burqa in many European countries. It’s also the country where a Jewish mayor of New York City allows construction of a mosque-cum-center near the Ground Zero site of 9/11 attacks. Put it very simple, is there such tolerance in our society? If there was such an attack like that of 9/11 carried by Americans in the name of Christianity anywhere in Kabul, Afghanistan or any Muslim country of our region, would the people allow a church near the site of that incident? Forget near that place, churches are not allowed anywhere in Afghanistan.

Other than that, our society is reactionary to anything coming from West. While there are wider domestic problems ignored. There was a similar reaction on the episode of South Park show. But being very much according to teachings of the holy book, isn’t it extreme blasphemy that someone blow himself up in the name of Allah, killing hundreds of innocent lives regardless of religion, though most victims are local Afghans?  Or lets take the Burn Qur’an issue. A couple of weeks ago, Taliban attacked in a mosque in Khost province killing several including an MP who were all there for election campaign. In the blast, copies of Quran were also burnt in the mosque. This incident was not given a damn reaction. Or just take the incident of Quran copies burnt by armed men in Behsud district recently during the Kuchi-Hazara conflict. Many houses were burnt. A mosque was also burnt. The photos were circulating on social networking websites and blogs. But no one reacted against it. Though Taliban believe burning a Shiite mosque is legitimate according to their brand of Sharia, but to their damn idiocy the Qur’an is same in all sects of Islam. Why didn’t anyone protest against it? Or why no one took notice of Taliban attack on a election gathering in a mosque in Khost? There have been such attacks on mosques in Pakistan too. Why the people keep a blind eye towards our domestic problems, but burst a reaction out of ignorance to a stupid crazy pastor in the other part of the world?  Like the term ‘Islamophobia’ used for those who have anti-Islam prejudices in America and Europe, isn’t there too much ‘Westernophobia’ in our part of the world?  Just see below a photo of Quran burnt in Wardark Province recently in the Kuchi-Hazara conflict.

Copies of Quran were also burnt when a mosque was set on fire in Behsud District of Maidan Wardak Province.

A mosque set on fire in Behsud, where copies of Quran were also burnt.

In Pakistan, sectarian groups always attack mosques and other sacred places of worship in the intra-sectarian attacks. Thousands of people have died in attacks on mosques and Imam Baragahs in Pakistan, carried out by sectarian groups. And of course when a suicide bomber blow himself up in mosque, Quran copies are burnt. The parts of human bodies are burnt in such attacks, how could the copies of Quran remain safe? But never there has been a mass protest rally against sectarian groups, Taliban or Al-Qaeda for carrying out attacks on mosques. Why? Do people fear them, or its the ‘Westernophobia’? or the prejudices that keep us blind from our domestic problems?

On the other hand, people reacted to Pastor Terry Jones in West. Christian organizations condemned his plan. Dr. Michael Kinnamon, General Secretary of the National Council of Churches had said that  millions of Americans reject the anti-Muslim expressions of some communities who seem to be reacting out of fear and a misunderstanding. He said “such open acts of hatred are not a witness to Christian faith.” But here in Kabul, the speakers of the protest demonstration were saying it’s not only the decision of a church, its entire United States!

After reading this post, if you don’t agree to me, you can call me an American-agent defending Western conspiracies!



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3 responses to “Extremism and Westernophobia!

  1. I think your words are RIGHT ON! If we all look close, inside ourselves and then our families, our communities, our schools, our places of worship, our governments… BE HONEST, peace and justice starts with personal honesty and good will.

    May Peace Prevail On Earth
    no exceptions!

  2. dennis

    Well written and a great view from the inside. thank you.

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