Iranian Remarks and Karzai Admin’s Mum

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani has said Afghanistan will become a Vietnam for the US. In an interview to a Swiss television he said the new US Commander, General David Petraeus would be overwhelmed by terror. With the statement that the Iranian Parliament speaker has made, it means Tehran wants Taliban to win the war and comeback to power in Afghanistan. By giving the example of Vietnam, Iranian leader means terrorists should win against the Government of Afghanistan. Afghan National Security Forces are fighting the same enemy that the US troops are fighting with. And wishing a US failure means our neighbor wants the insurgents to overcome and rule in Kabul. Probably Mr. Larijani has forgotten the fate of those 11 Iranian diplomats killed in Mazar-e-Sharif by Taliban in 1998. The Iranian leader wants Afghan troops’ be defeated by Taliban. And the Karzai Government is still parroting the so-called mantra of “brotherly” relations with Tehran.

It’s not all about the United States. More than 200,000 Afghan troops are fighting against the insurgents. A failure in the war against terror in Afghanistan means failure of the Government of Afghanistan in the fight against insurgents. International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan is fighting under the mandate of the United Nations. And when the Iranian leader makes such an irresponsible comment, its a shame for Karzai Administration to keep mum.

The Government must take serious notice of the dishonorable statement of animosity by the Iranian parliament speaker. Foreign Ministry should ask the Iranian Ambassador in Kabul for explanation.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mr. Mutaki also blatantly criticized the presence of international troops in Afghanistan during his speech at the Kabul Conference. I wonder why the Government tolerate such humiliations? The International Security Assistance Force is operating with the will of Afghan Government. Criticizing the presence of international troops is criticizing Afghanistan. Unfortunately Karzai has turned a deaf ear on such derogatory remarks of the Iranian Foreign Minister. And it seems the Government will keep a dumb mum on the Iranian parliament speaker’s insulting remarks too.



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3 responses to “Iranian Remarks and Karzai Admin’s Mum

  1. dennis

    Very interesting report don’t surprise me Iran would like this to fail.

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