“Development Work Under Progress” and Election Atmosphere in Kabul

There is an intense and apparently rapid “development work” on the roads of Kabul nowadays. All the major roads are broken and blocked with sign boards of “development work under progress”. Afghanistan is going to have the first flyover of its history. Its being built on Kota-Sangi junction. The traffic is at the worst of its mess nowadays. The other day it took me two hours from Interior Ministry to Bagh-e-Bala junction. Anyhow, first I thought the new Mayor of Kabul wants to show something of a change unlike his other preceders who did nothing. But only a mayor can’t start such a massive work suddenly, unless there is decision from top level. Its also because of the Kabul Conference. I am more than sure none of these broken roads of Shar-e-Naw or other areas would be built before the conference. If the flyover in Kota-Sangi area, and roads of Shar-e-Naw are not completed on time, it will be a mess for Kabul Conference participants, as they will not fly from Airport to the center of the city.

Election campaign for parliamentary elections has also started with big boards on streets of Kabul, posters displayed on walls and vehicles. Its a colorful atmosphere with the dust of the “development work under progress”, traffic jam and funny slogans of the candidates. Clumsy posters are displayed on beautiful newly painted walls of private fancy buildings without prior permission of the owner. Slogans are written with heavy color. The huge boards with photos and slogans of candidates are so common, that already no space is left on junctions and squares. Number of independent candidates are more than party nominees. Reading the slogans of these candidates, it seems like a whole manifesto. Election culture is new in Afghanistan. Such clumsy atmosphere will prevail for some elections. The campaign started on June 23, but most of the huge boards and posters appeared since last week. It will end on September 16.


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