Western Media Gives No Humanitarian Coverage in Afghanistan

There is almost no international media coverage of the floods killing near to 100 people in Afghanistan. Local reporters say, as usual the relief and rescue efforts are at its worst. In the western provinces of Ghor and Herat 43 people are killed. Over 45 people are killed in Bamyan and Daikundi. Over 9500 livestock were destroyed. Heavy rainfall is causing hurdle for aid and relief supplies. There is no transportation between the districts and provincial capital. But unfortunately international media has no coverage of these all. Afghanistan is only in headlines when there is any casualties or exchange of political statements between Kabul and Washington. Western media less focus on humanitarian coverage. Despite those dozens of foreign journalists in Kabul, there is not a single exclusive report about the flood.

The response of concerned quarters was shameful. They know about the spring floods in those particular provinces very well. It occurs every year. But there is never any preparation or cautionary emergency for such a situation. All the roads connecting the province with other parts of the country have been blocked by heavy snowfall since last couple of weeks. Hundreds of trapped families are in dire need of edibles and other commodities. The Government apparently has no program in emergency to open the roads and deliver food to the victims. Already a big number of casualties have occurred, despite the fact that such a disaster is expected every year in the spring, no precautions are taken by the concerned authorities which is a shame.

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