The Acting-Ministers of Afghanistan!

The remaining cabinet members due to be approved by the parliament is standstill. President Karzai is in Washington, and has been busy with the homework for the coming Peace Jirga. The Government is actually being run by acting-ministers for months now. How long will it remain so? Already the deadlines given by the parliament and the promises made by Karzai, have passed. President is occupied with preparations of the Jirga and remains full-time busy all about the talks of talks with Taliban. It has kept the most important issue off the screen for a while. Approval of cabinet members is not only the fact that should have taken place by now, but it’s not understandable why the list of 11 ministers does not go to the parliament for approval?

This is our political calamity going towards nowhere. Majority of the cabinet members introduced in the first and second slate of nominations were heavily rejected. Then came the excuse named Parliament’s winter break, which was even once canceled for the reason to finalize the cabinet and set up a full functioning Government before the President leaves for London Conference. But now the President has left for Washington and having talks with President Obama today. But the cabinet situation is still the same. Why is the parliament and speaker silent on this?

The rejection of cabinet ministers’ was more an ethno-political rivalry rather than the so-called competence and qualification excuses often mentioned as the reasons for rejection of cabinet nominees by MPs. It’s not qualification, but political rivalry, ethnicity, regionalism, horse-trading and favoritism delaying the approval of ministers.

The parliament has a shameful behavior. Those approved in the first slate of nomination were no better than those rejected, be it qualification of experience. Why same nominees from particular ethnic groups were rejected for two consecutive rounds? There is not a recognized standard as an excuse for this. It’s obvious that Afghanistan lacks capacity and high-qualified technocrats are very few, but rejection of, for instance, the only Ph.D nominee seem out of any logic and reason. The parliament should soon come to a decision on the approval of the ministers. It’s best to vote for most of the current acting ministers. The country is passing from a crucial time of decision-making on many issues and its political calamity to run the Government with acting ministers for months.


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