Afghans in Iranian Guantanamos and Abu Gharibs

The Foreign Ministry after a shameful silence has reluctantly said it would “look into” the execution of 45 Afghans in Iran. There are thousands of Afghans in the Iranian camps that are worst than Guantanamo Bay. The world has heard much about Guantanamo Bay, but less know about the infamous concentration camps in Iran that are worst than Abu Gharib.

The executions that took place for three days were on “court orders”. But the proceedings of the ghost Iranian courts were not reported in media. Under the cooperation agreements, Tehran is bound to inform the Government of Afghanistan about arrested Afghans. The most shameful is the silence of Afghan Government. After days of strong criticism in local media, the Foreign Ministry issued a statement. This is not understandable. While the Italian Government sends its Special Envoy for three Italians, Kabul do not bother to ask its “friendly Islamic neighbor state” about the miseries that thousands of Afghan are facing in all those infamous Iranian jails.

Regarding the execution, other than the fact that there are serious doubts on their involvement in the crime, how could one believe in the court preceding which was not reported? Afghans were not given rights to challenge the allegations against them in court. They were not provided with lawyers and access to family members for helping with a lawyer.

There are also reports that many Afghans were arrested after the violent protests following the fraud elections in Iran. It’s very probable that these Afghans include some of those arrested innocent people, who had nothing to do with the protest rallies, but arrested in the turmoil.

Afghans are living in worst conditions in the Iranian detention centers and jails. Two months ago, a delegation of Afghan MPs visited Iran and said that there were more than 5, 630 Afghans in Iranian prisons, 3,000 of whom had been sentenced to death. Nobody hear anything about their prosecution process. They are not allowed to have access to their family members in Afghanistan to get help with a lawyer. Their rights under detention are totally denied, already being kept in places worst than Guantanamo Bay.

We live in a fool’s world to hope the Government provide them with legal assistance to defend themselves in Iranian courts. Foreign Ministry was sleeping and just bothered after intense criticism.


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  1. godfather bamiyani

    hoping for the day when ahmedinejad and the mullahs face the same fate as saddam

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