The US Suffering Bush’s Free Hand to Karzai

There are many well-known examples of serious news or incidents being taken as April Fools hoaxes. It was not only Peter Galbraith who felt it an April Fool’s joke. But even at home in Afghanistan, where people are less aware of such western traditions, many thought of it an April Fool.  Blatantly calling his western allies as fraud meddlers in Afghanistan, first I had thought President Karzai is also trying to respond to President Obama’s Nawrooz Message, with a more sense of humor using the opportunity of April Fool’s day.At first, it seemed like a great hoax by President Karzai. The “statement” came on April 01, Thursday, when it was Sezda Badar, the 13th of Nawrooz when the New Year’s celebrations reach to an end of peak and people make jokes on this day.

President Karzai was actually frustrated and gnashing his teeth by the rejection of his decree in Lower House of the Parliament, regarding the appointment authority of the members of Election Complaint Commission. He broke out about all the angers he had been keeping in stomach since last couple of months and went on to saying the insurgency could become a “national resistance” if “foreigners did not stop meddling in the internal affairs of Afghanistan.”  Lost in the nerves of lashing out about everything, he continued “foreigners also don’t want the parliamentary polls to go ahead as they influenced the MPs and rejected the decree. Foreigners want to label me as an illegitimate president and the parliament as an illegitimate parliament.”  Or to explain it more clearly, MPs were bribed to reject the decree of the President and that foreign embassies are all doing the “mess”.

President Karzai is threatening the future of Afghanistan by his irresponsible remarks. Thomas Friedman of New York Times had made a very beautiful analysis the other day saying that leaders in Middle East should not be trusted on what they say in English in private, but what matters to them is what they are talking about in public in local language.

In a clarification phone to the US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, President Karzai said he had been misunderstood and his criticism were aimed at foreign media outlets trying to pressurize him by calling the recent presidential elections, as fraudulent. It’s like sitting on knees after farting, a famous local idiom which means trying to act as if nothing has happened. If the election fraud stuff was related to media rather than western countries, than what about the allegation that embassies are involved in influencing MPs, or in other words, bribing them to reject the decree about the election watchdog?

The problem lies from the beginning day when President Obama came in White House. It’s very simple, Obama is not Bush. But President Karzai is yet not realizing this. President Bush used to have a cool working relationship with President Karzai having weekly video conferences. During Bush, no one asked Karza a single question about corruption and poor governance. President Karzai is used to the video conference of Bush, while Obama’s policy is carrot and stick!

The relationship between Washington and Karzai remained straining after the presidential elections. In the recent “April Fool Hoax” also the president mentioned “there was a widespread fraud, a widespread, but by foreigners, not Afghans.” Recently the appointment of election watchdog’s foreign members made things more disturbing. There has been a rift on this and regarding the parliamentary elections between President Karzai and his American and European allies. When White House cancelled a visit of President Karzai to Washington in April, after the President Decree of giving himself the authority to appoint members of the election watchdog, President Karzai invited Ahmedinejad to counter the cancellation of Washington visit. And Ahmedinejad hit it well by lashing at the US saying it’s playing double game in Afghanistan. And President Karzai kept mum beside him in the inflammatory press conference that totally ignored the diplomatic language. Then Obama made a surprise visit and invited President Karzai to visit Washington in May. He also “emphasized” on more efforts against corruption and good governance. What made things worst were the rejection of Presidential decree by the Lower House of Parliament. It frustrated the President. Not recognizing and appreciating the international efforts in rebuilding Afghanistan and sacrifices of lives to secure this war ravaged country from Taliban is not understandable.

After sitting on knee once farting, President the other day went on to warn the west that he can join Taliban, if the West kept pressurizing him. He was reportedly asking Taliban militants in Kandahar to coming out of foreign captivity, himself included, and join his efforts of peace.  There was another shocking report by BBC Persian saying a Taliban head of kidnap gang has been released from Kabul jail on the orders of President. The west is bearing the blunders of Bush Administration’s free hand given to Karzai.



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  2. thanks , very helpfull

  3. Good point. They made the presidency so powerful in Afghanistan, now the west has no choice but to deal with Karzai.

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